Active Zippered Sports Sweater (5 Colors)

Stay fashionable and warm this fall season with this ultra light zippered sports sweater. It features a breathable quick dry material that will keep you dry and keep your body heat in. Keep your hands warm while going for a jog with the cut out thumb slot in the sleeve or use for outerwear for a trip to the gym.

Waist: 30 Inches (76cm)
Hems: 30 Inches (76cm)
Bust: 30 Inches (76cm)
Length: 25.5 Inches (65cm)
Waist: 31.5 Inches (80cm)
Hems: 31.5 Inches (80cm)
Bust: 31.5 Inches (80cm)
Length: 26 Inches (66cm)
Waist: 34 Inches (86cm)
Hems: 34 Inches (86cm)
Bust: 34 Inches (86cm)
Length: 34 Inches (68cm)

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*Note* Please allow  7-20 Days to arrive (US). 

*Note* May Arrive After Christmas