March 07, 2016

Going to the gym can be a pain especially if its a drive away. Here are some at home workouts you can do in your pajamas!

5 Easy Workouts

1. Squats

 Squats are not only good for your butt. Doing squats increases hormone production in the body, enhances your core similar to push ups and sit ups, improves your flexibility, gives you a stronger lower body, and increase your vertical jump. 

2. Push Ups

 Push ups are a good way to strengthen your core. You don't have to do the full blown push up. The knee push up works just as good. 

3. Jumping Jacks

 Jumping jacks or jumping rope can also be done at home. Just make sure no one lives below you! Cardio is the easiest ways to burn fat and slim down. 

4. Running In Place

 Running in place is very easy to do. You don't need a $1500 treadmill to get your miles in. Simply buy a fit bit tracker and track how many miles you ran in place. If you have the money to get a treadmill go for it. But it isn't necessary. 

5. Sit Ups

 Everyone wants six pack abs but are you up to the challenge? You can do these while lying on the floor on your favorite yoga mat. We don't recommend you do this in bed or on the couch as you will no have as good support than the floor. 

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